[SaverSetter]Access hidden options for screensavers you already own

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[SaverSetter] is the freeware mini-application that exposes hidden options for screensavers you already have.

Glorious User Options, Hidden Away!!

Every Microsoft Windows™ user has gone through the frustration of finding out that they can't adjust settings on the standard screen savers that come with their operating system. Whether your favorite is the Bubbles on your desktop, the moire lines of Mystify, or the shooting stars of Ribbons, you can't add more stars, more lines, more colors, more Bubbles.

They say there are no options, but settings do exist, tucked away in your registry. In the past screensaver fans would swap registry patches for their favorite settings, or walk people through dangerously making edits by hand.

Until Now.

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But now there is [SaverSettter] for Windows, which went to the trouble of hooking up a couple sliders to the hidden settings for all those screensavers, and more! Also supported with a custom interface is Aurora from Windows Vista, and any third party saver can use the preview window. You can run your aquarium screensaver in a window on your desktop--finally! In fact, [SaverSetter] can replace your old Screensaver Control Panel as a better way to customize your Windows desktop.

What are you waiting for?

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